Complete Paradigm in Dutch Dialects

Goeman, Ton (1980a): Comp-Agreement?. In: Zonneveld, W. & F. Weerman (Red.):
Linguistics in the Netherlands 1977-1979. Dordrecht: Foris Publications, 291-306. ●Comp-agreement?●
[on COMP-Agreement; demonstration of the existence of dialectal complete person-present tense paradigms]

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Map 1 from article

This article was written in the pre-government-and-binding era. There are some similarities of phonological behavior in verb/conjunction+clitic pronoun, liaison phenomena and edge segment phenomena.
Also Comp-agreement is not obligatory, it is variable over personal forms, and it shows suppletive characteristics. Therefore, I proposed to place the process in the lexicon and to derive it by word formation rules à la Jackendoff.
Building on the demonstration of 1st person Comp-agreement by Visser, I could establish a full verbal paradigm for Comp-agreement in at least Flemish (western and eastern) and Eastern-Dutch dialects.
Comp-agreement is induced by the clitic pronoun in the clitic group.